Dear Pennyroyal

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you accept custom orders? 

Why yes we do! Custom pieces are the bulk of our business. Using your cherished family heirlooms and creating a piece with your personality is the best part of our job.

To place a custom order, contact us with photos of your piece(s), and we start from there. We discuss your options and we send you photos of supplies and materials that best match your vision. Every step of our process is done including you, so you get a special and memorable piece of jewelry!

Do you do wedding jewelry?

Sure thing! For your big day we are able to create special pieces for you and your bridesmaids.  If you're interested in a focal piece for you, we take that on the same way we do the custom orders. You can knock out the "something old, something new" in one shot! For matching bridesmaid pieces, those can be done with matching vintage Swarovski crystals, depending on the colors and shapes. All of our vintage Swarovski is NOS and certain colors are limited, but we are always able to design pieces that match what you're looking for. If your lucky ladies have any personal antique/vintage materials that match you theme, I'm able to incorporate those into their jewelry. One of our most popular bridesmaids pieces are our 1950's vintage bead cluster bracelets and necklaces made with those old clip-on earrings that grandma used to wear! If you/they don't have any, we have boxes of them in all the colors of the rainbow so they'll easily match your color theme!

You used to make accessories from vintage neckties, do you still do that?

Much like the seasons, artistic endeavors change. We have decided to stop working with neckties, save for our vintage necktie post earrings. Despite the high demand for the accessories, we have chosen to focus on restoring antique and vintage materials. Sometimes you outgrow things simply because you don't enjoy them as much as you used to.

We do still accept custom vintage necktie orders for all of our accessories, please email us for inquiries! We very much enjoy the happiness in creating something personal from them, so we welcome all custom work!

Where will your next show be?

For all Dear Pennyroyal events, please refer to our info. It's updated frequently so you can always find us in person, and also check out our Instagram and Facebook accounts for sneak peeks for new designs and sales!